Getting My Feet Wet With Dotted Swiss

My First Quilt 


Here I am holding up my very first hand quilting project. Peeking out on the other side is Alma Ayres ~ What an amazing memory. Not just the act of quilting but that time in my life as I began to spread my wings and define myself as a woman. The year was about 1975. I was 22 years old and had undertaken a project that would have made any one run and never pick up a needle again. This hand pieced quilt top was done in dotted swiss material. Those little swiss dots were like knots in a tree, in the way and impossible to put the needle through. It certainly was not stitched in a straight line. Not only did the dots get in the way but the material itself was prone to fraying and pulling apart. Why in the world would I use this dotted swiss ~ it was free material and plenty of it and well who knew the problems I would encounter. (I am sure Alma did) The pattern is my own, I designed each block.

While the top is totally hand sewn, the quilting itself was done professionally by machine. Alma had said it would be impossible for me to hand quilt, and frankly I was quick to totally agree. I think I decided I would never touch, look at, or use the word dotted swiss ever again. (until now) I used a pink sheet for the backing and the fiber inside, no idea, but I can tell you it is downy squishy thick and comfy cozy warm.

What did this first experience with quilting teach me?

It is summed up in this saying by the The Buddha


I imagined I could and I did ©