Hand Quilt Along ~ New Choice

For over a year I was working on the quilt I named Wishing You Goodwill for the HQAL. Once her quilting was completed, I still had/have her binding to work on but I put her aside to work on the baby quilt for my granddaughter. (which I highlighted in our last posting)


So here we are again and I had to decide what I wanted to work on; to continue with the binding on Goodwill or continue with the ‘T’ quilt I began some months back. I had joined a quilt along that was started by Isabella of Then And Again Quilts. We were 4 months in when Isabella had to bow out due to personal reasons. You may remember seeing her gorgeous quilt.

Red and White Double T Quilt

I decided I wanted to continue working on my T quilt. I had these 3 x2 completed

and have now added the following ~

Looking at this first one, I am feeling like the T with the flowered material seems to get lost to the bold blue of the center design. I may try it reversing the colors, the blue as the T and the flowers as the center.


I have made 2 of this blue block below. I seem to gravitate to the cleaner more traditional looking blocks. The solid with a pattern or 2 solids as with the red and white, but with this started with multi-patterned blocks, I’ll soldier on……


There are 4 slightly different patterns I am using. I plan on making 2 blocks each of my color choices. So far I have 9 blocks made,  Not sure how many or how large a quilt this will be, I’ll figure that out as I go.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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12 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along ~ New Choice

  1. Karrin Hurd April 14, 2019 / 2:59 pm

    Love your projects, especially the double wedding ting

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  2. Deb April 14, 2019 / 8:13 pm

    Lovely blocks! I just love your last block ,has a lovely vintage tone! Take as long as you wish on Good Will ,it never pays to do binding like that in a hurry!

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    • nwpaintedlady April 14, 2019 / 11:25 pm

      Thank you Deb! I am just unsure how to tackle Good Will so I appreciate the advice to take my time with her.

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  3. KerryCan April 15, 2019 / 10:52 am

    I like the yellow block with the dark blue in the center just as it is–maybe it isn’t necessary to have the “T” really obvious in each block, to let people look for it? But you could reverse the colors and add that block, too! This is going to be fun, watching this develop. (And I love that last block, too–just my sort of low-key colors!)

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    • nwpaintedlady April 15, 2019 / 1:19 pm

      Never thought of the “T” not needing to be so obvious – idea for thought. Thank you Kerry!


  4. kathyreeves April 17, 2019 / 1:34 am

    Your T blocks are so much fun, and I really admire your determination, learning to hand piece! Good Will is such a lovely thing, you have created your own heirloom!

    Liked by 1 person

      • kathyreeves April 17, 2019 / 2:02 pm

        He slept very well last night and no breathing treatment in over 24 hours now. He spent an hour planting onions yesterday, and his energy is much improved this morning. He tolerated his morning meds just fine. I was most concerned about this first morning batch, because there are so many that can upset your stomach, but he got through them without nausea, so the rest of the day will be pretty easy, and they are working!

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