HQAL Update: You’ve got to be kidding

This was one of those blocks when you say outloud to yourself~ you’ve got to be kidding.

Oh sure, in the beginning I couldn’t figure out how to make the flying geese, then I bought the Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler and thought that would be the goose that laid the golden egg,  finally it all clicked or had it?

I didn’t take a picture,

darn it.

I had finished the block, did a final pressing, held it up and there it was, I sewed one set of  geese facing in the wrong direction. This one was heading south when it should have been going north.


It’s an easy fix when hand stitching to pull out the stitches and repair. Repressed, held up and admired, even by my husband, perfect, then photographed ….. can you spot the the 2nd error? Of course you can but it took me those few extra minutes.


What? OMgoodness ~ you’ve got to be kidding ~

Finally fixed


Block #2


And with those tiny scrappy triangle cut offs and the opposite side of the vintage embroidered scarf I used before, I made another small pillow for gift giving.




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