HQAL: Check-in on the Baby Quilt

As the weather continues to cool and the baby shower looms as a reminder to get her done, I have been busy these last few weeks working on the baby quilt. I have finished with assembling the top.


If your eyes hadn’t noticed, I’ll point it out, top row (or it could be a side or bottom row) is off a bit. When I was placing it as a middle row it was very apparent I had made a mistake but instead of re working, because it was the only row off, I decided to use as an end row where the mistake, once all put together, would be less noticeable.


Mistake- no worries – be happy! I am very happy with the color scheme. At first I thought it might feel to grown up for a baby but with it’s satin ribbon border on and small lace trim I think it’s statement will be fine ~ here’s to love and a happy, healthy, strong and bold baby girl.


The backing is a brushed cotton flannel, baby soft! I doubled the batting for a extra cush and warmth. Not quite sure what I will do with quilting this yet. I’ll start out simple, stiching just outside the ditch around the inside of two of the coordinating triangles in each block and then go from there.


Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit the pages of the other participants in this HQAL to see some wonderful projects in the works.

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