SAL: Cactus and Owl Update

It’s check in time and I was actually anxious for this 3 week period to arrive. I made some great head way on my cactus and owl cross-stitch. Here is where I was at our last check in – a hint of the owl was showing.


ta daaaaa Owl is done and backstitching started


I wasn’t happy with the choppiness of the backstitching on the flower so I am going to try redoing it. Backstitching the owls head I realized once I got started that I had used double thread when single was called for. I wrestled with taking it out and then decided it will be fine. I think it gives a bit of depth to the head sitting on the body so I will leave it as is.




Remember the Barbara Lavalle cross-stitch I was working on for gift giving to my daughter up in Alaska?


Finished, framed and on its way


I was really pleased with the framing that I had done at the local Joannes. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better picture that showed the black frame all around * dark frame light background 🙂 With the present in route already, I had my daughter swear an oath to wait for opening.

Birthday celebration on the 25th.



Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment to visit the pages of the other amazing crafters in the group. And if you would like to join along please contact Avis below and she will be happy to walk you through the process. See you next time 🙂

About the SAL

This SAL (Stitch Along) is slightly different to other SALs in that we don’t all stitch the same design at the same rate. We choose ONE unfinished project, or ONE new one, and show progress of its completion over a series of three weekly updates. There are no deadlines and no set amount to stitch. The result is that the space in our drawers full of WIPs (works in progress) is gradually being freed up to store lots of new crafty goodness.