Memory Making

Just finished up with 2 projects I had on the back burner. That’s always a good feeling.

Not to long ago a cousin sent me a box with a few old t – shirts, 1 swim trunks (or is it swim trunk or swimming trunks?) and 1 sun visor she had saved belonging to her husband who had passed away in 2007. She asked me to make a quilt with them for her.

Ummmm…there was no way I could and that’s all I’ll say about that but I did come up with something else I think will make her happy and keep his memory close to her heart.


I made a small memory pillow for her. Pillow measures 8″ x 8″, his name embroidered in corner with b & d year. I’ll be sending it to her for Christmas ~ oh, no worries, she doesn’t follow my blog so the surprise is not spoiled






No one in mind making this crochet baby blanket. Whether you call it the popcorn or bobble stitch it is one of my favorite stitches for making a heavier weight baby blanket.




I have a container where I am keeping baby blankets I have made for ‘grandchildren’ for their ‘grandchildren’ I guess I could call it my ‘crochet legacy container’


8 thoughts on “Memory Making

  1. Deb October 29, 2019 / 3:47 pm

    She’ll cherish that pillow ,I’m sure! I like the popcorn stitch myself ,fun to do. The blanket is very pretty,and I like the title of your container. We always said swimming trunks around here… not sure why it’s in the plural form.

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    • nwpaintedlady October 29, 2019 / 4:13 pm

      Thanks Deb – plural it is 🙂 I think she will too and I am glad she asked me to do it so I could make something special for her.

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  2. Texas Quilter October 29, 2019 / 6:20 pm

    What a pretty pillow and she will love it! Something she can hug at night! Baby blanket is so sweet and it is one of my favorite crochet stitches!

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    • nwpaintedlady October 29, 2019 / 6:54 pm

      Thank you Nanette. I enjoyed making it for her. I love to crochet at night watching tv 🙂


  3. kathyreeves October 29, 2019 / 6:52 pm

    Both of these are lovely projects, Sharon! That pillow is a wonderful gift and huggable too.

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    • nwpaintedlady October 29, 2019 / 6:56 pm

      If I couldn’t do quilt I thought – pillow – huggable – your exactly right 🙂

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  4. dezertsuz November 2, 2019 / 4:23 am

    Two lovely projects. The pillow is so clutchable and the fabrics will remind her. I like that stitch. The one I use doesn’t stand out quite that much, but it’s easy to do. I will have to look up the terms you used and see what other options there are. I don’t crochet much these days, though, carpel tunnel.

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    • nwpaintedlady November 2, 2019 / 12:56 pm

      Thank you Susan- I like that clutch able that ‘s what I wanted. I am slowing down with crocheting so I get it ~ there’s a lot of wrist action – ooch


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