Hidden in Plain View then stashed out of site ~ shame on me!

I was doing some light cleaning and came across a book I had picked up some time back.

Hidden in Plain View by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, Ph.D. 


Remembering I had started it, loved it, how could I have forgotten about it and not finished this?  Had I shared this with you? Checking back through my post I didn’t spot anything so here I am with a nod to this wonderful, fascinating book published in 1999.


I have been to Charleston, had we not thought to stop at the Marketplace? Shame on me.


We had admired the gorgeous sweet grass baskets that adorn the streets, the stands along the way that dot the highway, had we not thought to stop and purchase one? Shame on me. (Thankfully I had made time for a few pictures)


ahhh – sweet grasses (not my photo)


Just last year was my first time using the Flying Geese pattern. Called for in the blocks in  the Capital T quilt I am currently working on, I felt like I was on a drunkards path trying to get it right. I tried special rulers for the geese, 3 different ways to piece the geese together, you tube video’s…finally success. (blue block = successful geese 🙂


The book traces the flight from slavery to a place where a safe haven awaited through the use of quilts.


So with a good pair of reading glasses, time purposefully set aside to devour this fascinating book, I began again.

Fascinating, informative, historical, introspective, heartfelt, educational, fun ~ all words I would use to describe this.

If you have the chance to find this through any of your favorite bookstore vendors, used or new, I know you would love it ~