SAL: Sweet Cactus Update

Before I update you on my ‘Sweet Cactus’ I wanted to update you on my baking endeavor since the last time we met. Anne Lawson (in our group) shared a recipe last time we posted. It looked so delicious I had to try it. In fact, I tried it that very same Sunday 3 weeks ago. I’ve attached her link below.

It turned out so delicious. The crust had a shortbread texture, the apples melted in your mouth. I’ve made the recipe one more time since.Thank you for posting that delicious recipe Anne, it most certainly is a favorite now.


Also, I wanted to say welcome back to Helen and I’ll be hopping over to see what project you’re working on.

And now for our SAL update

I had hoped for a finish, but not this week ~ but close. At our last posting I was here, questioning the dark green.


Here’s where I am now


In the photo’s below you can really see how the lighting affects color with the most recent closest to true. The shadowing and dark green looks just fine now. Last posting I was considering removing it. Thankfully the consensus was to leave it and wait and see. I waited, I saw and I like it 🙂 When I am finished with the backstitching and little prickly spines, I’ll be done 🙂


It’s Mother’s Day today in the states and I wanted to wish you ALL a beautiful day, whether here or abroad, celebrating or not, mom’s of precious humans or mom’s of precious fur babies.



If you have some time, please stop by the other members in the group to see all the wonderful projects in the works.