HQAL: Log Cabin Update

I wish I could say I have made monumental progress this time around but I haven’t. I did get 1 more block quilted though, which makes 5 out of 12 now. They all look the same, so here is a reminder of what I am working on.

I wanted to add a bit more visual appeal to this posting which is easy since on Friday my husband and I took a short drive out to the town of Lynden to visit his sister. Founded in 1874 by Phoebe and Holden Judson, some sites say American pioneers others Canadian, by the turn of the century, a group of Dutch settlers immigrated and settled there, this began a huge influx of Dutch settlers. As the town grew so did the Dutch influence. By 1950 the town had more Dutch families than non Dutch. While the demographics are beginning to change the Dutch influence remains as does the Dutch language spoken by many. Driving through town, the flower displays were simply amazing ~ here is just a few of the photo’s I snapped.

Slow but steady, I am making progress on my Log Cabin quilt, enjoying the process and the beautiful outdoor spring weather. Like most of us, I have a few other projects in the works that I am alternating with.

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