Table Runner in Blue

Back in January of this year I had decided to participate in the Scap Dance Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along that was hosted by Carole of From My Carolina Home.

I had never participated in this type of project before but it sounded fun. The idea was that this was a mystery and I would have no idea what pattern I would be making. Twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, Carole posted a new direction for the construction of the quilt or in my case I decided on a table runner. There was no deviating or changing the directions.

I was going strong at the beginning. But it wasn’t to long into the project that I realized I was in over my head and lost. In fact what I learned about myself is that I am a total visual learner. I don’t do well with written directions. I have to see it being done. I also need to see what I am making to see what I am doing. Anyone else craft the same way? It’s like a jig saw puzzle. You prop up the lid to see the puzzle while you work on it.

But I soldiered on and continued with each clue in the construction as best I could. I was working this project all by hand and not machine so a lot of work had already gone into it. When it came time for the assembly, I quickly discovered I had to many pieces, and piecing it together was not working. I had no idea what it should look like but I knew it wasn’t suppose to look like what I was doing.

So as the saying goes when life gives you a lemon make lemonade. I decided to continue with making the table runner and using the extra pieces to make coasters to go with it.

I’m happy with the way it turned out. But if you really take a look at it you can see lots of ‘interesting’ oddities to the 2 larger end blocks. I should have had enough pieces to have the same blocks.

With more of the extra pieces I made the coasters to go with this.

It was a fun project, I learned a lot about my crafting style and turning lemons into something sweet and wonderful. I have an idea what I will be doing with this project. I have some deep blue glassware, goblets, pitcher, water glasses that would look wonderful on a table setting with the table runner. Thinking this will make a nice birthday gift paired with glassware for someone I have in mind 🙂