SAL: Snowman and Reindeer Update

Slow and steady as I continue to work on my Snowman and Reindeer cross-stitch. Slow and steady gets the job done but I am nowhere near completion yet. At our last posting 3 weeks ago I was here with my project

As I continue to work on it, I am working my way around from the bottom up and over to the reindeer.

You can see what I have gotten done and what’s still to be worked in the photos below. Comparing the photos like this you can see I had tweaked the hat and you may remember how I decided to remove the ribbon after a considerable mistake with counting. Looking at the pictures together, I can also see how I confused thread colors for the brim. I am smiling through that mistake though – it wont be noticeable and the hat still looks fine 🙂

One of my daughters, Fawn and SIL have been down from Fairbanks, Alaska for a visit which cut some of my stitching time down to – nothing – they left Alaska with a fresh 2 feet of snow falling to mostly rainy days here in Bellingham, WA. They are leaving today. There was thrift store and antique shopping, a day of scanning pictures from the family photo archives, a morning in La Conner, WA, a historic seaside town and a sun break gave us a chance to bar-b-q one afternoon and get in some relaxing and a drink in the back yard. Mostly we were just inside and carefree.

Fawn posted this on her instagram

As much as I loved and enjoyed our visit, it will be nice to get back into my routine. Now I am off to check in with the others in our SAL, won’t you please join me by clicking on the links below.