SAL: Snowman and Reindeer Update

So many happenings have been going on these past three weeks and here we are again, time to post on our projects. At our last check in my Snowman and Reindeer looked like this

I’ve made some good progress and you can finally see the beginning of the reindeer.

I still have quite a bit more to go as you can see from the picture below but I feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel on this one now. I began on Jan 30th and have been working on her for about 18 weeks. A good 4 months of our posts. I just had a thought and laugh, imagine if time in general was based on SAL time. In a way it is!

Hoping everyone is well, in their crafting zone and enjoying. Always excited to check in and see what everyone is up too. If you’re not a part of the SAL you can view the fabulous projects of the others by clicking on the links below.