SAL: Happy Camper Update

Checking in for the SAL that I am participate in with an update on my Happy Camper cross-stitch. This is my 4th posting progress for this project. Last time this cutie looked like this

She’s really beginning to look like a camper and I am happy with my progress. I’d love to have a finish within the next 2/3 postings. Although, she may need to be parked for a while when I make a trip east to N.C. from WA for the birth of a great grand baby expected April 8th. Until then I will keep working on her. Here she is below with her window awnings and door almost finished along with her bonnet – would you call the top a bonnet?

Also in this posting I wanted to share with you a finally finished project. You might remember my Snowman and Reindeer project I finished back in December. I had showed you some border fabric I was thinking of using and after that put everything to the side. Well I finally did finish. The picture is positioned slightly off center because of the glass glare. I think it came out just the way I wanted it, fun and whimsical. I think the bright framing fabric is the perfect compliment to the muted softness of the picture.

And one last share ~ this 1929 NeedleCraft magazine – and only 10c I actually found two, 1931 issue and bought them both. I just love the cover photo on this one!

Now I am off to check in with the others in this SAL. If you would like to join me please click on the links below. There are some amazing beautiful projects in the works




HQAL: Update on Jane’s Quilt

I am calling this posting the triple three’s. Not only can I not believe were we are in the year 2023, it’s hard to believe we are in the third month of the year and three weeks have gone by.

So here I am with another update on my hand quilting project. At our last posting I had shown you another project I had been working on so that I could finish it.

I am back to Jane’s Quilt and have continued to make steady progress on her. I have moved the hoop a good two times and third smidge move over and I used her to cuddle up with on a few cold days. She is so warm and toasty.

Pic 1 – not even close to a full view … I am working my way around the outside of the middle medallion and just when I think I am getting closer to the finish line, I am shocked to realize I am nowhere near a finish. More importantly I am enjoying the process. Working on this brings me closer to her quilt top maker, Jane and Jane’s daughter Jeanine, both have passed on and are deeply missed.

Reading through this before posting I was thinking – is this like a memorial quilt? No, I am thinking of this as a living treasure and a testament to friendship and life eternal. Jeanine, her husband and family were one of our closest friends and I thought I would just share a very quick story on how we met if you don’t mind. Jeanine and her husband Don owned the Christian Book Store in our once small town of Yucca Valley, CA. Her only employee was a mutual friend named Vicky. She was battling cancer and needed to go home but could not get in touch with Jeanine (out of town, no cell phones in the 70’s) Not knowing if she should close the store, she called me and asked me to come in till Jeanine got back. Of course Jeanine was shocked to find me there, returning back that day. Thank you ‘s all around but even more surprised to see I sold a couple of items that had been in the shop for a long time (years) which she had given up trying to sell. This led to her asking me to work part time – just a little here and there – which led to a beautiful long lived, amazing, family friendship. ( and just a thought now looking back – it was not about selling the items ~ sometimes we lose site of the beauty or uniqueness of something and I imagine after hanging on the wall for so long she had lost seeing the beauty in the items since no-one bought it/them. I remember they were wall pictures. For me, I had never been in the shop before, they were new to me and beautiful so they were easy to recommend and sell ~ when you lose the luster for something or someone try looking through new eyes)

Now I am off to check in with the others in this HQAL, please join me, there are some gorgeous projects in the works.

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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SAL : Happy Camper Update

Here we are in March already and I am moving right along with my project. I am working on a small project called Happy Camper by Zweigart . This will be my 3rd posting. Last time it looked like this

I’ve gone back to my proven plan for working on her which is mornings, 9am with Perry Mason on the T.V. It’s working well. I am able to get some stitching in most days. I had to do a small bit of frogging once I realized I had made a mistake by the tire and undercarriage. Here is where I am now

I finished the tire and added the small back window and moved to the top. You can see the beginning of the awning for the door just starting.

We are feeling spring here although there’s been lots of rain and even snow. Daffies are up and blooming, the crocus are not far behind and my little happy camper is itching to get out onto the open road

Our next update is March 26 and I have to ask myself how is that possible? Three weeks is like three blinks and then we will be at the end of the month posting again.

I live in SAL time 🙂

Excited to visit the other members in this SAL – please join me for some beautiful Sunday eye candy.




About the SAL

Please note this SAL is not accepting any more new members until further notice but this is what it’s all about anyway. This SAL (Stitch Along) is slightly different to other SALs in that we don’t all stitch the same design at the same rate. We choose ONE unfinished project, or ONE new one, and show progress of its completion over a series of three weekly updates. There are no deadlines and no set amount to stitch. The result is that the space in our drawers full of WIPs (works in progress) is gradually being freed up to store lots of new crafty goodness. It’s surprising how much motivation I’ve gained from being in this SAL.