Sometime around 1975 I walked into the living room of my boyfriends mother. There was a quilting frame hanging from the ceiling. It was an enormous frame taking up most of the living room. In fact it did and there was only seating circling around this contraption. Sitting along side of it were two woman, Alma Ayres and sister-in-laws Wynotha Wall, busy hand quilting a beautiful version of the flower garden pattern. I had never seen anything like this, in fact I don’t think I had ever seen anyone quilt at all before. Instantly I was hooked. Now, here I am, more than 40 years later still hand quilting, having learned the craft from these two, magnificent woman.

My love for everything hand made grew. I purchased a Ashford traditional spinning wheel and jumped right in with that. I love the spinning wheel and added two more to my collection, one an antique grand walking wheel. In fact I lugged that wheel to a spinning class years ago and learned on that too. That beauty is now in the home of my daughter.

Never one to sit idle, I carry a crochet hook and yarn most everywhere I go. I always have a project going. I have a small personality flaw, I extremely nervous passenger in a car. But a crochet hook in my hand though and I am ok.

I don’t knit but still have that on my to do list and a loom for weaving is on the horizon too.

I collect Hull Pottery, vintage post cards of New York City, and love gardening. I can not pass up a terra cotta pot filled with a succulent plant and I love Mexican pottery. My passion lies in the past with genealogy running neck and neck with quilting. If only I could quilt and do research at the same time. Now that would be something to boast about.