Lots Going On

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Not just for the gorgeous foliage or the every thing pumpkin spice ~ yum ~ but as the weather turns cooler with more time indoors, I find it so much easier to have lots going on.

I participate in two different sew alongs. A HQAL, where I am working on a hand quilting project – The Dahlia Project and a SAL with a great Halloween cross stitch in progress but I have also been busy with a few other projects.

5 daughters will each get 2 dish towels this year. I’ve have 9 completed with this one just finished.

This years passion has been cross stitch Christmas cards. I had done one last year that was sent to my Uncle. He absolutely loved it. With this year filled with so much uncertainty, filled with social distancing, and actually not even getting together with friends, I thought these would really make the perfect non gift, gift to say you’ve been thought of and are special to me. Here are 3 of the latest completed.

These 2 Current cards are 5 x 7 and came in a set of 4. I have 2 more to do.

I just picked up these 2 Hannukah cross stitch cards off of eBay and am excited to get started on them. (about 6.50 ea give or take) I would have liked a couple more but only spotted these 2 at this price.

And some tiny pillows for gift giving using The Friendship Star pattern will make perfect friendship gifts.

Keeping me busy, as if I haven’t been busy enough, is a lap quilt for a friend. Using the Friendship Star pattern, I started this on Monday and have completed 8, 9″ blocks. I think 12 blocks may be enough with the added sashing, I’ll see. These blocks, a first for me, have been machine assembled and not hand stitched. When I get to quilting her though, she will be hand quilted ūüôā No idea on the backing yet.

The last on my doing list is this pinwheel block pattern baby quilt. I have been working on it through this last year. The blocks are all hand stitched with the sashing done by machine. I still have 1 more strip to piece together. I had used this pattern and material before in another baby quilt. With a few extra blocks I just kept going and made some more blocks, enough for this second quilt. She will be hand quilted.

It’s been a crazy year for so many. Blogging, reading and following blogs has been so important these past 10 months. It’s kept me focused on not being bored, one of the greatest complaints I have heard from friends. Along with keeping me busy, it’s connected me to those who share a similar passion.

I have been thinking about how the holidays, traditionally, can be a very difficult time for many regardless of this being the year of COVID. I want to make a little extra effort to connect with friends and family this holiday season.

Heart Friendship Quilt


Back in 2006 I participated in a ‘friendship quilt’ organized by a woman I worked with. This was and still is the only quilting project I have ever done with a group of quilters. Six of us participated. We were given instructions for creating a heart ¬†block, we could use the material of our choice but needed to create six identical blocks to swap. A deadline was given and the creating began. At the end of the time period, we exchanged our heart blocks, receiving a ¬†block from each person. The next task, to piece together, again with our choice of fabric and pattern and then complete the quilt. ¬†This could be done by machine or hand worked, there was no restriction. (mine was hand worked)

I have been following a blogger on a Hand Quilt Along that I am participating in. Her name is Nanette. Take a moment and visit her page @    doitrightquilter.wordpress.com

She has been posting photo’s of the beautiful delicate hearts she has been working on for a quilt. I was suddenly reminded of the heart quilt I had done so many years ago and long since forgotten about. Finding my quilt journal I was delighted to see I had documented and taken a picture of the finished project. (I did give it as a gift, to who I do not remember and I did not write it down; shame on me)

Below is the finished lap size friendship quilt. With only six blocks I created a row of 3 solid batik fabric blocks in the middle; my batik heart block in the left bottom corner. I squared off each block, adding some width on each side.




When I was looking for the ‘one’ picture I took of this quilt I noticed the picture of the quilt below. I had absolutely forgotten that I had ¬†made this one using the same heart pattern. This was specifically for my cousin Karen after the devastating loss of her husband in 2007 at the age of 40.



Friendship ~ a true gift to cherish and nurture. Take time to tell a friend how much you appreciate her/him today ©