Weddings and Babies

It has been a busy week with cooler temps bringing relief from a 3 day heat spell. Here we are in August and I feel like summer has actually arrived. The big news this week was a sister in law is expecting a 2nd grand baby. She had posted some birthday gathering photos on her FB page and the ‘couple’ were photographed and I thought – hmm do I spy a baby bump? Our phone call – “I may be out of line but” “I know what you’re gonna ask, I have been getting quite a few calls” “do I need to start a baby quilt?” “Yes – we were waiting to let everyone know till they found out the sex” …. The picture was so cute. The couple standing with Dad behind Mom and his hands and hers were cupped under neither her tiny baby bump. It was not meant to indicate a baby and was purely accidental. Now we know the sex, its a boy!

So this week I got busy looking through my fabric stash. Most of my fabrics are flowers and feminine prints and patterns, lots of Christmas too. I was able to come up with a few choices, mostly bits and bobs of stuff but enough of 2 to make a simple 9 patch baby quilt. I had just enough of the sweet material with the children to get enough blocks for this. So far I have 4 made. I will need to get to the store to find backing and sashing material.

I wanted to share another journal I made that I am presenting this evening. We had a wedding in our family back in January. My husbands brother was married and this late afternoon much of the family will be gathering for a bbq and surprise party for them. I am all prepped and ready so I thought I would share the journal with you. It is a 2 ring bound book made from a cereal box. The cover is from a Chagall themed calendar. Many of the printable are from and wedding photo prints from my collection of wedding photos.

There are a few more blank pages specifically for journaling and all of the tags have space for jotting down a memory or two.

Quilting and Journal making ~ so many fun things to do!

Obsessed With Mini Journals

I am obsessed with mini journal making. They are just so cute, simple and fit in the palm of your hand. This mini is a compact 3 x 5.5″ Milliner themed journal. It is a no sew journal with 3 signatures, each constructed with one standard size sheet of paper, giving me 4 pages in each signature, (8 front and back), also allowing for top and side pockets. The cover was constructed out of a cereal box, then covered with book pages and some bits and bobs. I used silver metallic cord to secure the signatures.

Lots of cream lace and ribbons add to the feminine feel of this mini.

Mrs. Drum is a milliner and dressmaker in Toledo, OH. After working for 13 years at one of the top milliner shops in town, she had decided to leave and open her own shop. This was quite a leap of faith and a bold move for her as she was a widow and her income was her families sole support. In the years that followed, she had become very successful and decided it was time and worth her while to make the trip to Chicago and enter the Milliners Convention being held on March 9, 1910.

Above is Mrs. Brown, one of the finest lacemakers in the state who worked for Mrs. Drum. She was disappointed that Mrs. Brown was not able to accompany her on this trip. Mrs. Drum assured Mrs. Brown, who she affectionately called Teddy, that she would give her credit for all her beautiful laces adorning the hats. That is a picture of Mrs. Brown peaking out of the side pocket when she was much younger.
Here is Mrs. Drum in all her finest. There was a lovely opening dinner for the convention and she decided to wear her smart bolero jacket and dress with her finest hat. For the closing evening ball, she wore the beautiful pink gown her daughter Hattie had fashioned with the lace trim around the neckline that Mrs. Brown had sewn. Gloves, fan and a bit of lace adorned her hair. She had the most agreeable evening and was delighted when she was given recognition as one of the top Milliners in Ohio, and rightfully so I might add. (she was quite surprised by this)

This journal has lots of tuck spots and mini journal cards. The printable are from TheGraphicsFairy – The Milliner Collection along with some of their other beautiful printables and lots of collected ephemera I have on hand. There is plenty of journal space on the backs of the pocket tags to jot down a date, a memory, a thought, a wish or a prayer.

The most surprising and exciting part of the whole convention had been the arrival of the wife of Mr. Maurice Lajeunsses, editor of a fashionable dress design magazine in Paris, France. Her arrival at the convention had been kept a secret as her mission was to find a top milliner to design hats for one of the finest shops in Paris.

I am sure you have guessed it and it came as no surprise that while ‘Chantecler Hats’ took precedence in the newspaper article, Mrs. Drum received that honor!

Mini Summer Junk Journals

I have been spending some of my time crafting mini summer junk journals. I love the mini’s! They are so much fun to fashion. Measuring a tiny 3 1/2″ X 4″ is a sunshine yellow journal.

This mini was constructed using a cup of soup box for the cover. Then I layered the top with a thin sheet of quilt batting and then covered the front and back with yellow fabric using fabric – tac clue to secure it. The cover graphic is from ‘The Graphic Fairy’. I used a picture frame from the Tim Holtz collection. The color is a true gold although it photographed with a red hue.

There are 5 signatures and each is filled with 16 pages

This little book is packed with sweet summer themed ephemera

The second mini is slightly larger at 4″ X 5″. This one is a gift for a girlfriends birthday. I used a pasta box for the cover, batting and a darling summer fabric. I added a red ribbon tie and red button with lace to finish it off.

This one has 6 signatures and has 18 pages in each. I used 6 different seed packets for the cover of each signature.

I’ll share one more. I call this one the Mini Mini. It measures 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ with the pages extending out to 3 1/2″. I used a spaghetti box to build the cover. All of it’s pages are scraps of paper, paper bags, cloth, paper doilies, book pages, and lace bits.

It’s finally summer and I’ve been having lots of summer time fun!