HQAL: Jane’s Quilt Update

Happy January and the start to another great year of hand quilting. I am continuing work on Jane’s quilt. I am now 1 year in working on her. She is kept front and center in the living room on the couch doing double duty; reminding me to work on her when I am just vegging watching tv and keeping me cozy warm.

At our last posting I showed you this picture, there’s not much visual excitement.

But I have made some real head way these last three weeks, having completed 25 logs (if I’ve counted right) of the this log cabin beauty.

I have also started another quilting project. Another baby quilt for my granddaughter who is expecting her first child in April. It is a baby boy! The nursery theme is desert/western. I wasn’t having much luck finding anything at our local fabric stores. I was looking for something cactus, roadrunner etc. My daughter found a great online fabric store (not just fabric) called Spoonflower. The selections for this theme was mind boggling. I have already begun and am making good progress. The front is cute with all kinds of dinosaurs pulling wagons and cowboys on bucking dino’s and the back fabric has cute snakes in cowboy gear. Now I must admit, I have a deep seated aversion to snakes but these are cute and since I wasn’t the one solely picking the fabrics I had to cave and endure my long standing fear.

Here’s a little peek into the nursery. My daughter free hand drew and painted this desert theme for the crib background

Before I close till next check in I wanted to say a big welcome back to Connie 🙂 Below are the links for checking on the others in this group.

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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SAL: Sweet Cactus Update

I know I must say this just about every time I post, how can three weeks fly by this quickly? Time again to show our progress. Sweet Cactus is coming along and I making progress. Here is where I was last time


And here is where I am now


Funny how lighting changes the look and color so much. The color on last weeks posting rings more true. I am not a fan of the dark dark green that was given for the shadowing. It just seems wrong to me. The change is not subtle enough. I wish I had spotted this before I had it all done. Now to decide if I want to remove it and substitute with a my own color choice. Any opinions on that?

I also wanted to welcome Sherrie to the SAL


The list of the other members in the SAL is below and if you have some time, please stop by and check out their pages and what they have been working on.

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SAL UPDATE: Sweet Cactus


In our last posting I had made the decision to start this simple Cactus cross stitch as my next project. It will go perfectly with the last cactus I had done for my daughter. I am calling this one ‘Sweet Cactus’.


I’ve got a good start going. This shouldn’t take too long to stitch up and it’s a nice simple distraction from a few other projects I have going.


Gorgeous cactus blooms


Welcome back to Linda and welcome Cathie and Laura ~ if your reading this and are not a participant and would like to be, its easy.  Please contact Avis below and she will walk you through it.