SAL: Christmas Greetings

At my last posting I introduced the new project that I am calling Christmas Greetings. That was three weeks ago, three weeks that feels like it was just yesterday.

I got a small start last time, nothing to write home about. If you remember, I was having trouble with the floss and wasn’t happy with it. I really wasn’t sure what was wrong, was it me or the floss 🙂

Thanks to all the input, It was unanimous last posting that I replace all the floss (bad floss with the kit) and I did, almost immediately. I wasn’t able to match the colors exactIy but close enough. I’ve run into a few counting mistakes that I decided to let go. I think in the long run they won’t make to much of a difference and the overall affect will be fine.

Despite some company for a few days, all the preparation before their arrival, I was able to get a nice start on this.

Here is where I am now

Now I am off to check in with you all. Have a wonderful, safe next three weeks.