Journal Junking

There never seems to be enough time in a day to pursue all my crafty habits. Three week intervals calls me to updating on my hand quilting progress alternating with a cross stitch roll call update for the SAL and HQAL groups I participate in. But in addition to those two passions, I have been working on and creating lots of junk journaling journals, envelopes, cards etc.

Add in Dr. appointments, daily activities like making the bed, cooking meals, walking the dog, grocery shopping, talking with family (phone), friends, gardening (not so much with the winter weather) life is full.

I thought I would share some of the latest with the journal making. Most recently I worked on Valentine themed birthday journal for a cousin turning 60. It will be going in the mail today. Technically not really a ‘junk journal’ as this was made with some beautiful printables, sari ribbons and pieces and lace . Below are a few of the pages. This has a two ring binding and the cover was made using a lemon cake mix box. Each page has a border that is machine stitched as is all the added ephemera. It measures 8 X 6″

One of my favorite things to create right now are prayer cards. These sweethearts are made out of file folders. There is writing space on the backs of the cards as well as the small card inserts to write down a prayer or intention (anything you like).

This one below is geared more for Christmas giving with a lace tuck space for the journaling card.

These last three posted have vintage religious metals attached. They are also made out of file folders, vintage music and book pages, sari ribbon and vintage lacey bits.

I’ll finish up this posting with two pages of a mini Valentine themed journal. This measures 4 X 4 1/2″ and is a real tweet heart of a jewel. It’s really chunky and with a big crocodile mouth kept closed with some jute twine.

Time to get this day going, there’s still our mini schnauzer patiently waiting for her morning walk and a post office visit for my cousins birthday surprise.