Quilts: Love For Her Family Was Her Legacy

March 8th was International World Women’s Day and the month of March is Women’s History Month. I was reminded of these important days by a blog post at the beginning of March by Amy Cohen @ https://brotmanblog.com

So many strong, inspiring, beautiful, creative, empowering, courageous women in my life came to my mind; that I found it impossible to focus on just one or come up with something I wanted to post to celebrate this important day. If I listed their names and the affect on my life I would not be able to stop writing for every woman I have met along my paths journey has shaped and formed me. From the tiniest negative to most empowering positive. We are truly the sum of who, what, when and where on our path, from everything we have read, to every conversation, or visual impression we have seen.

But today on FB, a very dear friend, Mindy Coppersmith, of close to 55 years of friendship, shared a post that said “share me”

A Legacy of Quilts 



“Margaret Hubl passed away last July in Nebraska at the age of 89, but it’s safe to say her legacy will continue to live on.

You see, Hubl was a quilter. While some people make quilts as an afternoon pastime, she made them to communicate her love for her family.”

by Brittany Loggins / / Source: TODAY



The entire article can be read here https://www.today.com/news/family-honors-grandma-s-memory-displaying-all-her-quilts-her-t108586

It’s all about the love we share along our path……