Hand Quilt Along: September Update


I am making steady progress on Wishing You Goodwill. The new plan from last posting; spending 2 hours each day on each project; was more wishful thinking than doable.

I did stick to my plan though, whether it was 10 minutes or half an hour, stitching did get done which meant progress was made and Goodwill was happy and smiling from her place on honor on the couch




This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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2 First Place Ribbons won by Ninety-nine year young woman

One of the pages I follow is the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show Facebook page. Showing up on my feed today was an article from the Lake County Examiner, Lake View, Oregon on a woman who won 2 first place ribbons for a quilt she entered in the Lake County Fair.

Please take a moment to click on the link – you won’t be disappointed. Fernette Weaver is priceless and the quilt a masterpiece and oh yes she is a hand piecer and quilter.






Tea For Two and Some Double Trouble

The tea towel/flour sack kitchen towel set project has been started. I had forgotten how much I enjoy embroidering and how careful you must be with the hot iron transfers. I single pinned the transfer on. Lifting up just a tiny tiny bit to see how I was doing, I didn’t get the transfer back down in the exact right spot. By towel/day 7 I had the technique down pat.


Two completed while binge watching The Father Brown Mystery’s series on Netflix.


Wednesday is saying ‘oh my’ as I  wasn’t the clearest with the transfer printing. You can see where I doubled up a bit. I think it will be ok since I had a similar problem on Monday.


Well I thought 6 season of Father Brown would see me through this project but I guess I was wrong. I am just starting Wednesday and am into the 6th season with 5 more episodes to go.

Hand Quilt Along: Wishing You Good Will

17Here we are again with another three weeks for an update on progress. I had set aside Sundays for the day to work on ‘Good Will’ but I think I need to step up my game. 35 of these huge wedding rings to hand quilt. How many have I got done? 9 and you can do the math on how many more to go. Then I need to tackle the border and I haven’t even thought about that. I am rethinking my quilting strategy – my entire crafting strategy and division of time. Perhaps 2 hours a day on the 3 projects I have going might work better. In fact I am going to try that for this interval of 3 weeks. Since I am now retired that just might work. My 3 projects: A counted cross stitch, the stamped Monday – Sunday Tea Towel set and of course Good Will and lets not forget the beautiful tulip quilt patiently waiting her turn. I would love to give her some attention.


I want to welcome Karrin to the HQAL and I am excited to see what everyone has been working on. Please take a moment and take some time to see what everyone else is doing.


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Wine Sampling and Tea Towels

In my last post I introduced my newest project ~ a set of Monday though Sunday embroidered tea towels. I had found hidden in this wonderful wine bottle case from the Inglenook winery a stockpile of embroidery threads for the project.

Since I hadn’t embroidered in years, a quick sample project seemed a good idea and what better sample than ~

of course something to do with wine



I think I am ready to get started!

Tea Towels and Wine

I have been driven to drink and am drunk with new idea’s for gift giving.


This gorgeous box holds the secret to my new project.


Stashed away, high on a closet shelf; forgotten for years.

Newly found I discovered the contents were perfect for my new project. A match made in heaven one might say. But first, I did a quick search of the Inglenook Winery for information on the box which led me to their story. It is so interesting, please take a moment to take a look


But back to my story and the reveal of my project.

Inspired by fellow blogger Kathy @


Tea Towels –


Kathy is in the middle of embroidering a set of Dutch tea towels. When I first saw her project I instantly thought of my step mom, who loves anything Dutch – ‘the perfect gift project for her from me’ I was thrilled to find this box filled with embroidery threads. Now to decide on a color palette for my set.




Tea towels, embroidery thread and wine! 







Hand Quilt Along: Connecting through a Vintage Photo and Quilting

Mid way through the summer and here we are again with another update for the HQAL. When I got the reminder notice I had to really think, had I made progress? Yes, I have. I have made a conscious effort to quilt ‘Wishing You Good Will’ these last 3 weeks and while the progress seems slow, as said before, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ if this were a race. But something else happened in the last week before posting that I would like to share. Something that made me sit up, take notice and reflect about this quilt top I am working on.

Wishing You Good Will


In my last post I asked about the age of this quilt. I had some feed back on my thought that this may have dated in the 50’s. It was overshadowed by others thinking more like a 30’s – 40’s feel.

Another of my passions is genealogy, along with old vintage family photo’s ~ lost photo’s that I like to try and return to a family member. Whenever I come across a photo with some labeling I will purchase it and try to find its family. This week, that is exactly what happened. I had found this amazing photo at an antique store and got busy finding its home.

Brier Deming Family – wife Nancy with children and the gentleman labeled Uncle


I sent out 2 queries and heard back from one gentlemen who was connected with the family. His name is Gary and in the course of corresponding not only did we share a love for genealogy but I learned his wife, Donna, was a quilter, and an incredible quilter sharing with me some of her magnificent quilts. This photo share of her work led to me spotting a gorgeous double wedding ring quilt that hinted at a twin for ‘Wishing You Good Will’.  Inquiring about it this is what I learned:

“Gary shared “the double wedding ring quilt was hand pieced by my great grandmother Eda Mae Vercoe, who was a very talented seamstress and quilter.” She was born in 1880. She had never finished this hand pieced top and it sat in a cedar chest for about 40 years. In 2005 Gary’s Mom gave the top to his wife Donna who did this exquisite job of hand quilting and finishing this beauty.

Eda Mae Vercoe’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt; quilted by her daughter-in-law Donna

Eda Mae Vercoe quilt copy.jpg

The story does not stop there.

For Gary’s Mom’s 85th birthday in 2010, the quilt was given back to her completed as a gift. I can barely imagine the joy felt by all three of them in completing this circle of love.

What an incredible story!

It makes me wonder if this could have been a wedding quilt started by Eda either for herself or a daughter/son which was never completed?

On a last note for this post and getting back to the Deming Family photo that started this connection to Gary and Donna, this is what he shared with me in regards to the photo

“It might interest you to know that Nancy Deming (Brier’s wife), was the daughter of James Anderson O’Neil who was one of the men who were instrumental in having the US Government establish Oregon Territory at a time that it would have otherwise ended up being part of Canada!  So, without James’ efforts, Oregon, Washington and part of Idaho would now be in Canada!” 

Quilts not only connect us to the past but they connect us to friendships. ©


Check out the others work that are doing the quilt along….

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another. If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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HQAL: ‘Wishing you Good Will’ and lazy summer days with a good book

Summer is here with her array of blooms and bugs, mixing with bbq’s and cooler evening walks, while ‘Wishing You Good Will’ sits quietly at her place on the couch.


Each day reminding me, “you water the plants, you mow the lawn, you walk the dog, you read a book, you talk on the phone; when is it my turn?”

I have made progress and yes, it is so hard to work on her with the temps soaring. I have been trying to quilt at least 2/3 times a week. What has really struck me in this last 3 week period is the wear and age of this quilt. I have also been finding more and more small to larger imperfections and stains.


The fabrics are worn and I am finding more to repair than I had originally.


In this photo you can see the drastic change in the shape/size of the strips in the pattern. Instead of taking away, I think it totally adds to her beauty and marks her as classic but it also adds to a bit more buckling and puckering and not laying flat.

I know nothing about dating fabrics or quilts but I would love to have this looked at by someone who does. To me it feels very 1950’s, at least the fabrics, (those purple and white squares still throw me off) The wear of the material adds to the age although this simply could be material from then, put together recently and then discarded at the Goodwill (after all that hard work?) I still think this was a family find that the person had no idea what to do with. All thoughts welcomed 🙂


Changing gears just a bit, I must mention that I read a fantastic book that was recommended by Kathy Reeves Kathy   https://livinginrapidcity.wordpress.com

I ordered it from a used book site of the net. I wish I could say that once it came I spent most of my time reading and not enough time working on the quilt but that is not the case. The book was so good, it drew me in to its rhythm and mystery so quickly, I was captive and had it finished in 2 days. Thank you for the recommendation Kathy, I really enjoyed it.


The Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Thank You Egg Foo Young & Woman and Their Quilts

I was waiting for a take out order of shrimp egg foo young from my favorite Chinese restaurant, which wasn’t quite ready, so I dropped in at Tuesday Morning, next door. I rarely if almost never shop there. In fact it may have been my first look see, if not, it has been that long since I had gone in.

To my surprise I found these fabulous fat quarters. I scoured the bin of material and only found two but would have settled for the 1 if that was all they had.


Combining my love of hand quilting and genealogy

I was also delighted to find this book at our local Goodwill. Woman and Their Quilts ~ A Washington State Centennial Tribute by NancyAnn Johanson Twelker Foreword by Carter Houck


A transplant from New York via California, now 20 years in glorious Washington State, overjoyed with this find is an understatement. It’s rich history of Washington, along with the family stories and the gorgeous historic family heirloom quilts this book is a treasure.


The above picture is in honor of my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz born 1875 in Odessa, Ukraine. He immigrated along with his wife Rebecca Strulowitz, son Hyman and Pincus (born aboard ship) to begin their new life in New York. Samuel was a carpenter his entire life. Imagine if Rebecca actually quilted and a Carpenter’s Square at that.



I just realized I picked all blue tone quilts to display ~


I will leave you with this beauty ~ Cigar Silk Quilt ~ summer sunshine ~ absolutely stunning ~



Fun with Fingerless Gloves

I picked up a lovely odd skein of yarn the other day at a place called Ragfinery here in town.


What a treasure trove. Their story is wonderful too, repurpose of unwanted garments and textiles. Please take a moment to stop by and read their story but back to my story. I picked up 1 lone skein of yard and decided to make a pair of fingerless gloves for gift giving this coming winter.


I will pair it up with a pashmina ~ for the perfect gift.


Such a fast easy pattern. You can find quite a few different patterns and tutorials on youtube to follow, I happened to follow

Playing with my phone – edit, I morphed the color and got this beautiful alternate color pattern. Green and turquoise is a favorite and I will be on the hunt for a yarn similar to this. Paired with a piece of turquoise jewelry ~ another perfect gift. ©