Memory Making

Just finished up with 2 projects I had on the back burner. That’s always a good feeling.

Not to long ago a cousin sent me a box with a few old t – shirts, 1 swim trunks (or is it swim trunk or swimming trunks?) and 1 sun visor she had saved belonging to her husband who had passed away in 2007. She asked me to make a quilt with them for her.

Ummmm…there was no way I could and that’s all I’ll say about that but I did come up with something else I think will make her happy and keep his memory close to her heart.


I made a small memory pillow for her. Pillow measures 8″ x 8″, his name embroidered in corner with b & d year. I’ll be sending it to her for Christmas ~ oh, no worries, she doesn’t follow my blog so the surprise is not spoiled






No one in mind making this crochet baby blanket. Whether you call it the popcorn or bobble stitch it is one of my favorite stitches for making a heavier weight baby blanket.




I have a container where I am keeping baby blankets I have made for ‘grandchildren’ for their ‘grandchildren’ I guess I could call it my ‘crochet legacy container’


Braving the Madness for Estate Sale Finds

A few weekends ago I hit an estate sale, lured in by pictures on a FB post. I am not a huge estate sale goer as the vendors usually get in there first, fast and furious and the things I love are usually snatched up before I even get in through the door, but this sale …. a light rain, a long line for a 10 am entry time and I was in.

Gorgeous hand stitched vintage quilt $45  



I also picked up a second quilt for $15 well it was marked $15 – a cutter quilt but when I got to the check out, the crush of the crowd, the exhilaration and overload of massive antique finds, we couldn’t find the tag so I said “I think it was $35” “ok” the checker said, “no problem $35” … I later realized the $35 went with another I was considering and later found the $15 tag and thought ….. well you know what I thought 🙂

Two NeedleCraft Mags ~ 1932 & 1929 




If anyone is looking for a new old recipe for their upcoming Thanksgiving Feast how about trying the White Corn Pudding this year


I also picked up an old wooden ironing board and this fabulous phone below for $25 (I was a GTE operator in the late 70’s)


The crowning glory of my weekend of estate sale madness was returning on the 3rd and last day @ half off prices to see if something I really, really, really wanted was still there.

Now I must tell you this estate sale was in one of the older historic neighborhoods, the streets are very narrow, ‘no parking’ signs line one side, yet people ignored the signs reducing a section of road to only one way passing. Massive older tree’s canopied both sides of the curved and wavy roadway, there was a light rain and my husband did not take me on this return trip (waiting patiently for me while I was inside) so I had to brave the madness and parking nightmare on my own as well as wait in line to get in again

But there she was, in all her beauty

Little Red Riding Hood by Hull 


HQAL: Two Project Updates With Smiles

At our last check in I showed you the baby quilt I had been working on.

Consensus ~ the satin blanket binding was way to wide, covered the green inside sashing and just had to be go bye bye


Changed and finished






No baby yet with a date of 31 October were not to far away now




My second and on going project has been the “T’ block quilt.

I had also shown you my first attempt at sashing using black and well

Yuk – all wrong again 🙂


With your help and suggestions I feel like I am on the right path again …although my photography skills are lacking ~

I am framing each block with a coordinating fabric. Five down eleven more to go.






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SAL: Cactus and Owl Update

It’s check in time and I was actually anxious for this 3 week period to arrive. I made some great head way on my cactus and owl cross-stitch. Here is where I was at our last check in – a hint of the owl was showing.


ta daaaaa Owl is done and backstitching started


I wasn’t happy with the choppiness of the backstitching on the flower so I am going to try redoing it. Backstitching the owls head I realized once I got started that I had used double thread when single was called for. I wrestled with taking it out and then decided it will be fine. I think it gives a bit of depth to the head sitting on the body so I will leave it as is.




Remember the Barbara Lavalle cross-stitch I was working on for gift giving to my daughter up in Alaska?


Finished, framed and on its way


I was really pleased with the framing that I had done at the local Joannes. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better picture that showed the black frame all around * dark frame light background 🙂 With the present in route already, I had my daughter swear an oath to wait for opening.

Birthday celebration on the 25th.



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