SAL: Sweet Cactus Finish :)

Hi All ~ it’s that time again for an update on my SAL Sweet Cactus. I have a finish. That is a finish until I have her framed. At our last posting three weeks ago I was here.


It didn’t take me long to get the backstitching finished and my name on it, need to put the year still.


Once framed, this sweet cactus will join the first one I had completed back in December, and then make its way to Okinawa, Japan for my daughter. I’ll frame her exactly the same for a matched pair 🙂


You may remember this set of cross stitch Christmas cards I purchased. I had already completed the Cardinal and picked up the candle with poinsettia to work on while deciding on what’s next.

I do have the Halloween Sampler I could start and she may just be the one.


By clicking on the names of the links below you can visit the others participating in this SAL and see the fabulous projects they are working on.


About the SAL

Please note this SAL is not accepting any more new members until further notice but this is what it’s all about anyway. This SAL (Stitch Along) is slightly different to other SALs in that we don’t all stitch the same design at the same rate. We choose ONE unfinished project, or ONE new one, and show progress of its completion over a series of three weekly updates. There are no deadlines and no set amount to stitch. The result is that the space in our drawers full of WIPs (works in progress) is gradually being freed up to store lots of new crafty goodness. It’s surprising how much motivation I’ve gained from being in this SAL.

HQAL: Capital T Quilt Update

It’s been a busy last three weeks and I could have been busier. I completed three more blocks and had to stop as I ran out of thread. Not wanting to go out and hit Joanns, I order from Connecting Threads. My ordered shipped on the 8th and I am hoping it will arrive any day now. If I didn’t match the color right (gave myself a few options) it will be close enough I am sure to continue.

With the three completed, I only have two more left to do.




I do want to go back around and quilt the inside square of each block.


I have been working on two other hand quilting projects. Curious George, bright and bold for my grandson’s 1st child due in August and the sweet rainbow in powdered blues is to have on hand 🙂



Hello to Sherrie and welcome


Below are the links to all participating in the HQAL. Please take a moment and stop in to see what the other hand quilters are working on.

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Margaret, TracyDeb, Susan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrin, Gretchen, Kathi,  Bella, Daisy, Connie, Monica and Sherrie


SAL: Sweet Cactus Update

Before I update you on my ‘Sweet Cactus’ I wanted to update you on my baking endeavor since the last time we met. Anne Lawson (in our group) shared a recipe last time we posted. It looked so delicious I had to try it. In fact, I tried it that very same Sunday 3 weeks ago. I’ve attached her link below.

It turned out so delicious. The crust had a shortbread texture, the apples melted in your mouth. I’ve made the recipe one more time since.Thank you for posting that delicious recipe Anne, it most certainly is a favorite now.


Also, I wanted to say welcome back to Helen and I’ll be hopping over to see what project you’re working on.

And now for our SAL update

I had hoped for a finish, but not this week ~ but close. At our last posting I was here, questioning the dark green.


Here’s where I am now


In the photo’s below you can really see how the lighting affects color with the most recent closest to true. The shadowing and dark green looks just fine now. Last posting I was considering removing it. Thankfully the consensus was to leave it and wait and see. I waited, I saw and I like it 🙂 When I am finished with the backstitching and little prickly spines, I’ll be done 🙂


It’s Mother’s Day today in the states and I wanted to wish you ALL a beautiful day, whether here or abroad, celebrating or not, mom’s of precious humans or mom’s of precious fur babies.



If you have some time, please stop by the other members in the group to see all the wonderful projects in the works.

The Start of Something New ~ Baby Quilt

The news of great grand baby # 7 didn’t surprise me. My husband use to joke our daughters were in a race for the coveted “Breeders Cup” every time one of the five girls announced they were expecting. What a legacy (sadly he passed many years ago and does not get the joy of experiencing each new blessings) but here I am again, with an August due date for a baby girl.

My grandson Kris and his partner Alice are – unconventional – edgy – funky –

Living in Texas, Kris works on those ‘huge’ windmill turbines and Alice is a cartoon graffiti artist for the lack of not knowing how else to describe her style.

I needed to do something edgy yet girly, out there but traditional, bold yet babyish

Before I proceed with this, I did 3 practice blocks (hand stitched of course 🙂 and welcome some feed back please


I have lots of the Curious George bright and bold yellow material, enough to do the backing with this material too. At an estate sale sometime back, pre COVID-19 shopping, I had picked up quite a bit of the two pink fabrics. The pinks were precut into 4″ x 7″ oblongs. The inside block is measuring 6″ x 6″ with border 9 1/2″ sq

When I first put them together I thought, omg, no way but those blocks are growing on me. I think it just may be what I was looking for with funky, unconventional, out there, bold, cartoony and fun!


Also using up some of the material on these smalls (3 x 3) for gifts. I thought I might include with a Mothers Day card for my girls  


How is everyone doing in this new age of COVID-19 living? While so much has changed in our day to day life, I feel like I can honestly say ‘it’ has afforded me a free pass in a way not to feel guilty to sit and quilt more. There’s no need to come up with an excuse to turn down an invite to lunch out with the girls because I want to quilt instead (for example)

And while all else is failing right now – this quilters saying never seemed more apropos!