HQAL: Wedding Ring Quilt says “I do”

Double Wedding Ring Quilt History | AccuQuilt : AccuQuilt

Though the pattern was first published in the United States in the early 1920s, the quilt pattern can be found as early as the late 19th Century. The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern has long been a symbol of love and romance with its interlocking ringssymbolizing marriage.Apr 15, 2017     https://www.accuquilt.com/blog/education/a-history-of-the-double-wedding-ring-quilt/ 

I have been working steadily on ‘Wishing You Good Will’ and while I feel I am making progress it still remains slow and difficult to gage. Working on her these last 3 weeks I have begun to think about the fact it is the wedding ring pattern; weddings, brides, flowers, saying

“I DO”


What I have found with Good Will as I move methodically around working on her, is the  amount of worn and torn fabric I missed when first repairing her. In addition the amount of staining is more than I thought and a good dry cleaning is so needed, although it will not remove that damage. Still she is beautiful!



I began thinking about this quilt in a whole different light. I imagined this quilting process to be like the build up and anticipation to the wedding. The beginning of the border will be the equivalent to the wedding ceremony and once that is completed it will be the big celebration reception party. I can tell you right now, once ‘Wishing You Good Will’ is completed I am having a huge ‘finished the quilt party’ and your all invited.

In the spirit of marriage, weddings, rings, brides, grooms, guests, toasts, flowers and the wedding ring pattern, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite wedding photos

My mother Grace Judith Tannerwedding copy.jpg


My Grandmother Catherine Langellotti & Grandfather Frank Civitano

Catherineweddingpic copy


My Grandmother Minnie Lipschitz & Grandfather Isidore Haimowitz

Isidore&Mryra copy


My Great Aunt Rita Langellotti & Steve Stalupe


This beautiful bride is a photo I found in an antique store and was able to reunite with a descendant. I love the aproned like skirting on her dress.

AnnaDumovicGregorich copy


My Aunt Coletta Civitano’s wedding photo with my grandfather Frank Civitano from photo above

Coletta1stmariage copy


My Great Aunt Julia Civitano & Nick Forese

CivitanoJuliaNickwedding2 copy.jpg


Brides of 1915



My 1st cousin 2x removed Dominick Caso & Rose Haughey


Some how thinking of ‘Wishing You Good Will’ in terms of brides and flowers, laughter and most of all love has helped me turn this daunting task into a true labor I love!

My beautiful granddaughter Heather & Trent

53 copy


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Ready For Fashion Week

This wonderful photo was shared by blogger Jamie Gates of


and with her permission I am sharing it with you. Although the photo is only in black and white,  I thought it was a great photo to highlight the fashion; the patterns and prints of this time period. Please stop by and take a look at Jamie’s blog. She is one of my favorite genealogy bloggers that I follow.

Meet the Berry’s: Violet Frances (Berry)1912 – 2000, Bemis Bertha Bell (Berry) 1898 – 1980, Rehbien Walter James Berry 1895 – 1971, Dorothy Georgina (Berry) Allman 1913 -2000,  Goldie Florence Berry 1896 – 1982.


30 .png

A Saturday & Sunday Finish


I just finished the Saturday and Sunday kitchen tea towels. While they turned out really sweet I could kick my self with one of the wooden shoes. I had posted a photo of Monday and Tuesday


but in my rush to get the project finished and in the mail for gift giving on time, I forgot to get a photo of Wed. – Fri.. So no photo finish with this race.

On all the towels I kept the dress colors the same, the dark blue and turquoise except on Saturday for birthday cake giving!

Is it only me? why tea towel I thought and a quick google look see answered my question.  Simply put: the term tea towel is used in England and here in the states we know it as a dish towel. Tea towels were used to dry the china that was used while serving tea ~ makes sense. Here we use it for just about everything and anything. There are endless sites and posts on tea towels. I never thought I would find tea towels such a fascinating read ~ but I have.





Hand Quilt Along: Wishing You Good Will update

Welcome Gretchen to the Hand Quilt Along! So nice to have you join the group.

Well three weeks passed and I started strong, alternating between my four major projects (way to many for me) I wish I could say I finished strong but I didn’t. I ended up working on the embroidered kitchen tea towels hoping to finish for gift giving on Oct. 4th. I got M-F done, photographed M&T, a part of Wed. then in a rush to get the gift from  WA to NY on time, I forgot to get pictures of the three other days  😦

Gift received on the 4th (amazing) my stepmom loved it! I sent a note that the 2 remaining days would follow and of course we did speak.

So what about Good Will? Dusty tried to insist it wasn’t him that pushed her off the couch after routing around in her wonderful downey softness. I was frantic looking for the needle (found) and I learned a great lesson


Honestly, it wasn’t me


I did manage to move the hoop a few times so I know I made progress. You all know what she looks like so I will say bye for this check in… and happy crafting!


This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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